Other Writing

As well as on this blog, I also have done occasional pieces for other sites. Here are links to those pieces.

If you would like to commission me to write something, please contact me.

‘Sunday Trading: An Olympian Error’      Huffington Post, April 28 2012

‘Norway: A response‘      Christian Socialist Movement, August 1 2011

‘A Defense of the Archbishop of Canterbury’     Christian Socialist Movement, June 6 2011

‘When the plan falls apart’     Labour Uncut, October 3 2010

‘Rob Carr on the Lib Dems’ exit strategy’     Labour Uncut, September 17 2010

‘Ignore the political cheerleaders: I’m voting for Ed Miliband’   LabourList, June 21 2010

‘Immigration is not the enemy, not the answer’    Labour Uncut, June 2 2010

‘Rob Carr recommends a rest’    Labour Uncut, May 18 2010

‘The NHS Nightmare’   LabourList, January 21 2010

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