Rob Carr
(c) Sukey Parnell 2012

I was born and raised in Newcastle upon Tyne and now live in London.  Until last year, I have worked my entire career in the public sector. I now work in Westminster  as a political adviser in the Houses of Parliament, and as a freeliance communications consultant.

Having grown up in a family of shipyard workers, trade unionists and Labour Party activists in the Northeast, I am myself a committed political activist campaigning for my trade union (Unite), the Cooperative Party and the Labour Party.

Growing up with a severely disabled family member, I am very passionate about our nation’s welfare and health services, and rights for the disabled. I also have an interest in international development and the environment.

This is my personal blog and all opinions expressed herein are mine and mine alone. They don’t necessarily reflect the views of any employers.

As well as being politically active, I’m a Christian. I support Newcastle United. At night, I go to the gym (sometimes) and out with friends (more often) to have discussions about football, politics and the poor quality of the ale among other things. I like to have adventures. I don’t know how I find the time either.

If you would like to know more, then please get in touch by clicking here.


  1. Hi Rob, just stumbled across your blog by accident. If I were to write my bio I could pretty much cut and paste yours! I left Newcastle many years ago and would like to keep in touch on politics, adventures etc depends on nufc performance as to whether I want to talk about them!

    • So you would be Novocastrian Robin? Scary. Glad you found my blog and hope it doesn’t bore you too much. Hopefully, when the season gets going I’ll write a bit more on NUFC. I’m studiously ignoring our defeat to Norwich last weekend. Keep reading and keep in touch.

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