aside Aspiration


[as-puhrey-shuh n]
1. a strong desire, longing, or aim; ambition: intellectual aspirations.
2. a goal or objective that is strongly desired: The presidency has been his aspiration since boyhood.
3. the act of aspirating or breathing in.
4. Phonetics.
a: articulation accompanied by an audible puff of breath, as in the h -sound of how, or of when (hwen), or in the release of initial stops, asin the k -sound of key.
b: the use of such a speech sound, or aspirate, in pronunciation.
5. Medicine/Medical.

a: the act of removing a fluid, as pus or serum, from a cavity of the body, by a hollow needle or trocar connected with a suction syringe.
b: the act of inhaling fluid or a foreign body into the bronchi and lungs,often after vomiting.

6. a ridiculously overused and underexplained phrase sneaking into the Lexicon of the Labour Party circa 2015. Seriously, it’s stupid. Stop it now.

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