To God Himself We Cannot Give A Holier Name

I hate Father’s Day these days. But such is life.

Rob Carr

Readers who’ve been around this blog a while will know that I repost one piece twice a year. 10th of February and the third Sunday in June. That’s the anniversary of the death of my dad and Father’s Day. I’m a fairly optimistic happy person but both of those days are immensely sad to me. I wish I’d spent more time telling my Dad all the stuff that I say in the post. But I guess most children feel that way after they lose a parent. If you’re seeing your dad today, think of all us who can’t, and tell him you love him. I apologise if you’re sick of reading said post but it’s important to me. Anyway, here it is.

He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.

February 10th means a lot of things to different people. As a…

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  1. You’ve just made me cry again, this is one of the loveliest tributes I’ve ever read….always a really difficult day I miss my dad so much – sending love and hugs to you and into heaven. xxxxxxx

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