Bill Clinton – The Great Communicator

I take a professional interest in communication skills. Especially political communication. It’s a major part of my job to communicate campaigns, policies, ideas, and thinking to the public. I really enjoy it, I understand how difficult it can be, and I know what a difference good communication at the right time can make.

Last night, Bill Clinton made his address to the Democratic National Convention. I watched the whole thing and you should too. He may have been out of office for more than a decade now, but there’s no better political communicator in the business. Ever since he first talked about Hope, Arkansas way back when, there is no better, more natural and more effective communicator in the political world.

Sure, Obama is good and Blair has a natural flair, but Bill  Clinton is head and shoulders above both of them and, if you have any interest in politics and communications, you should take some time out of your day to watch the speech. Absolutely brilliant.

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