And The Wheels Came Off…

Well, I’m back from my holidays with a bump. After the elated moods of the Olympics, I seem to have returned to the UK in its normal summer silly season as the press twiddle their thumbs making up nonsense stories to fill column inches in desperate need of content with more substance.

As I headed back to work, I find that, instead of the usual reasonably relaxed August looking forward to the annual  conference season, the Labour Party is in something closely resembling election mode. With 40 police and crime commissioners, a mayor, and three parliamentary by-elections in November, people are ramping up for campaigns, which I love. I really enjoy getting out on the streets talking to the public, knocking on doors, getting out the vote. I’m just not that all that keen on doing it between Halloween and Christmas.

One of the main by-elections is the one in Corby where Louise Mensch has just stood down, mostly because it’s so marginal. I expect I’ll be spending time there soon along with a lot of colleagues and friends.

Today was the day that the Tories finally picked their candidate to fight that seat and launched their campaign with the announcement of the result of that selection. And that’s where the wheels fell off….

Sadly, rather than a former Ashes-winning England cricket captain, they selected Christine Emmett. She says this is because

local people want a local candidate

As you can see below, this particular local tory candidate seems to know Corby and the local area so well that she (or charitably some press officer at CCHQ) managed to confuse North east Hants with east Northants. I mean it’s only 70 miles between the two.

I rather think the Tories would have more chance of winning Corby if they did run their campaign in Hampshire….

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