Olympic Comedown – Don’t Stop Now

London woke up this morning to a post-Olympic comedown. The train companies went from putting on 12-carriage trains back to their normal 6, so it was suddenly crowded again on the commute. Those on leave have gone from watching exciting races, fights and performances, to watching Jeremy Kyle and Bargain Hunt. Those of us back at work are reduced to talking about the closing ceremony’s quality and debating which of the performers were miming and which weren’t. I’ve decided that Freddie Mercury and John Lennon definitely were, and Emeli Sande (sharp throughout) and Jessie J (brilliant throughout) definitely weren’t miming. The rest of it was… interesting. Anyway, to show you how a mimed performance should be delivered and to avoid Olympic cold turkey, here’s a brilliantly fun little clip from some of the stars of team GB. Roll on the Paralympics!

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