NEC Ballots: The Party’s Statement

Over the last week a growing number of people have been voicing concern to me, as a candidate, about missing ballot papers in the Labour Party’s NEC and NPF elections. Below is the party’s position:

For the attention of all candidates in current internal selections and elections

The Labour Party is currently running a number of internal elections, for which the polls are due to close at 5pm on Wednesday 13 June.

Ballot packs for these elections were distributed to members between Friday 25 May and Tuesday 29 May. Included among these packs were specific mailings for councillors which included an insert for the election of ALC representatives on the NEC. Most of the councillor packs were posted on Monday 28 May and Tuesday 29 May.

Unfortunately, although the vast majority of ballots have now been delivered and are being returned, we have been made aware that a number of ballot packs have not yet dropped. In particular, we have been told that councillors in several specific areas have not yet received their packs.

All of the ballot packs had been posted by 29 May.

However, it has become apparent that a backlog of mail which built up over the long Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend has delayed some deliveries.

In light of the continuing delays the Party has decided to extend the deadline for the return of ballot papers to 12pm Friday 15 June.

In addition, the Party has extended the deadline for applications for replacement ballots to 12pm Monday 11 June. However, we would kindly ask that any members whose ballot pack has not yet arrived to wait until Saturday’s post before requesting a replacement ballot.

To request a new ballot paper please visit the Labour Party web site at

By completing this form we will have all the information we need to reissue your ballot promptly.

We will assess the situation on Monday morning to see whether any further action is required.

This message is also being posted on the Annual Conference 2012 – Nominations page on membersnet and will be sent direct to all eligible councillors.

I hope that helps answer questions, but if you have other concerns, do email me via my contact page above.

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