Mixed Messages

So I wrote here a few days ago about how good Bill Clinton was at communicating his message and included a YouTube clip from the Bill Clinton Foundation featuring the former president and a coterie of movie stars. Good humoured and cleverly written, it works wonderfully.

I know it’s not a political campaign video or a high-minded policy message, but it still shows the skills necessary.

Today, I bring you it’s antithesis. And this time it is from a political campaign. It’s from Herman Cain. A candidate in the Republican primary and a man who wants to have Clinton’s old job.

It’s rather unusual and is a pretty good demonstration of how not to do it…

h/t liberal conspiracy    


Oh my word. Well that first ad with the bizarre edits and cuts and the weird smoking campaign manager is bad, but a quick search brought forward this ad (also by Herman Cain’s team) from earlier in the year. Not only is it terrible, but it tells you nothing. I bet it cost a fortune too!



  1. HAHAHA! that one is even better! I like how the door on the “house” has a lock on the OUTSIDE of the door!! I guess Cain wants to keep our women in doors.
    I like how the guy holding the flowers calls the other man a liberal because he referred to the color of his flowers then decided to resort to violence.

  2. Haha! love how the guy takes a puff of a cigarettes in a very “non-cool” way. I find it interesting that they would have a campaign ad with the spokesman smoking in it in the first place. Odd, most politicians try to distance themselves from smoking while not right out denouncing it. A bit bold but yet very unattractive. Also this add is very unconvincing and very un-motivational, especially from a candidate that is suppose to be such a motivational man himself.

    • Completely agree. Really odd. If you get the chance, check out the second ad in my update to this post. Even more bizarre and pointless than the first. Scares me that someone thinks this is how to run a political campaign.

      • Personally, I love it! Keep the weirdness coming it will make it easier for his opposition to railroad him when it comes time to vote. I am not a Cain fan.

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