How To Get A Message Across

Political communication is a tricky thing. Getting messages across to the public is very hard because there are so many people from different backgrounds. It’s hard to aim one message at all of them.

That’s why election campaigns tend to divide the electorate into categories using computer software on salaries, postcodes, family size, and so on. The lists of variants are close to endless. It’s also why people like George Stephanopoulos, Karl Rove, and Alastair Campbell can all write books and long essays on political communication.

Two of the best political communicators of modern times were Tony Blair and Bill Clinton. Whether you agree with their politics or anything else, it’s difficult to deny they’re both superb in front of a lectern or camera.

If Ed Miliband or any of our other party leaders could come close, their personal ratings would be doing a lot better in the opinion polls. Sadly, it’s a rare thing to see any new examples of that kind of mastery. So below I bring you a brilliant example of getting a message out there and raising the profile of a cause from Arkansas’s greatest son in the hope that someone important enough to take note can learn from it while the rest of us just chuckle at it.


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