The Fox Conspiracy – An IT-related twist

Secretary of State for Defence Rt Hon Dr Liam ...
Completely unrelated image for the conspiracy fans

As some kind of punishment for writing about the Liam Fox situation, the government have conspired to ensure I can’t blog against them by breaking my precious laptop.

Ok, so it’s far more likely that my laptop just died of old-age, but I like to throw the conspiracy nuts theorists a bone every now and again.

My laptop is an old XP model which has, in truth, been dying a slow death for some time. I’m going to try and get it repaired somewhere but, if I can’t, then blogging on here – or anywhere else for that matter – will become awkward.

If anyone has a spare they’d like to loan me while I either get mine repaired or save up to replace it, feel free to get in touch via the contacts page at the top of the site (I ask that more in hope than expectation).

In the mean time, if my blogs are short and spread out, it’s because I have to blog either in my lunch hours or via my iPhone.

I hope I’ll be able to get a couple of posts up on the economy and welfare reform early next week, but no promises!

Salaam, shalom, pax.

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