Weightloss Update 3 (and 4)

It dawned on me today that I’m behind with the updates I promised about my weightloss.

Not sure how many of my readers are very interested in the updates. You’re mostly political activists and Labour ones at that.

However, as I think I’ve said before, these posts are selfish as they keep me focussed and motivated and make it that bit harder to slide backwards.I know I said that in my diet update, so sorry for repeating myself.

I also said in that last post that I was a bit nervous, from a dietary point of view, about going to Labour Party annual conference.

I knew I’d not be able to go to the supermarket and plan, cook and prepare my own meals while I was away from home and I wasn’t wrong.

Living on the sandwiches, sausage rolls and sparkling wine provided at most of the fringe events and receptions I attended did indeed make it difficult to make sure I was eating healthy.

I gave up on using the calorie counter phone app for the few days I was in Liverpool as it was just depressing me. Though I must say I’m back to it now, and still find it very useful and not too time consuming to keep a track on my exercise and food intake.

Once back in London I did a weigh in on the Saturday but didn’t blog it at the time mostly because I just couldn’t be bothered. Sorry about that. Then I got distracted by redesigning this site and catching up with work back in Westminster.

As you might have guessed, Liverpool was not good for my diet despite trying to make the best choices I could. The chart below shows that I gained weight in the week I was away, and I’ve highlighted that gain on there.

Date Starting Weight (lbs) Current Weight (lbs) Bodyweight loss since last check in (lbs) Bodyweight loss since last check in % Bodyweight loss in total (lbs) Bodyweight loss in total (%)
16/09/2011 302 296 6 1.98 6 1.98
24/09/2011 293 3 1.01 9 2.98
01/10/2011 295 -2 -0.68 7 2.32
08/10/2011 291 4 1.35 11 3.64

Despite being annoyed at gaining any weight, part of me was quite relieved to see it was only a couple of pounds. Now that I’ve been back another week and have used the calorie counter and planned my meals, I’m pleased to be able to say I lost those two pounds and then had a further loss as well.

So, all in all, I’m pleased and heading in the right direction overall.

Now that the diet aspect is under control, I’m going to add some extra exercise into the mix and will let you know how that fits in!

The other thing I’d like to note here is the fact that these weight-loss updates attract more spam than any other subject. It’s a bit annoying having spam comments trying to sell diet pills, crash diet techniques and all the other crap in what I guess is a massive business area. I also notice how many of these are targeted at women and how few are aimed at men. Says a lot about the pressure on women to be thin.

Anyway, back to politics for me.

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