The Other Reshuffle

I guess we’re all aware that the Shadow Cabinet is in the middle of being reshuffled by Party leader Ed Miliband at the moment. It was being talked about at Conference and MPs, journalists and members have known it was coming for longer than that now.

There will be lots of speculation, idle or otherwise, about who should be kicked out and who should be brought in. I’ve read some hilarious guesses and some sensible suggestions. I’ve even seen people, in some misguided attempt to look like they’re on the inside, parrot the rumours of the lobby press as their own personal tips and hints.

But all of that focus on Ed Miliband’s reshuffle conundrum – and remember he is an expert at solving the Rubik’s Cube puzzle – is to miss the real big reshuffle of the day.

That’s the reshuffle of this website.

I’ve considered it since before the summer and have been working on it in small chunks for a little while. The eagle-eyed among regular readers will have noticed that I bought my URL a few weeks ago and moved the site over to Much easier to find now!

The biggest change, of course, is in the site design. This is a first attempt and I’m not sure I’m settled on it, so I thought I’d give it time to bed in and see how I feel about it.

If you, Dear Reader, have any thoughts or feelings you’d like to share with me about the site, then you can share them with me now via the new ‘Contact’ page.  You’ll also see that I’ve added pages about copyright, comments moderation, and a link to my writing on other sites which I’ll add to when I have any!

Part of the design is just to liven it up and make it more interesting visually and part of it is to add a bit of professionalisation to it as well. I guess I’m looking to take it up a level and bring in more readers.

As readers don’t return to a blog purely because of design, I’ll also be working on improving the content a bit. Mixing up smaller comment pieces with longer essay-style posts, and possibly posts from guest writers. Once again, if you have any suggestions about content, get in touch with me.

Any way, I’ll let you all get back to Ed Miliband’s less important reshuffle now. When you’re done with that, do come back and have a look around.





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