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If you’re one of the few dozen people who return to read this blog reasonably regularly, you might recall that I recently had a shockingly high blood pressure and decided it was time to make some lifestyle changes.

I weighed in at 137kg (302lb, 21.5 stones) and was going to embark on a diet and exercise programme to get that weight off, bring my blood pressure down, and give my body a fighting chance for the years ahead.

That was on September 3rd. So, approaching 2 weeks later, how am I doing? Well, basically, I’ve had good days and bad days. I decided to keep a food diary so I could see what I was consuming and it wasn’t all that great. It’s too easy to go for the quick option and not the healthy one, isn’t it?

Anyway, now I’m consciously planning ahead with my meals. Little changes seem to make a big difference. I’m having a breakfast of cereal or porridge at home and not a bacon buttie at work. I’m taking a lunch with me to the office and not buying a sandwich smothered in mayonnaise. I plan my dinners a few days in advance instead of not being bothered to make a decision by the time I get home and settling for chips.

Those changes don’t sound a lot, but combined, they add up to quite a lot. And some days it’s easy to become tempted by quick treats. Today was one of those days. Working in Parliament is awesome. It’s a great building. But it’s full of coffee shops and restaurants, which all stock chocolate bars and crisps. It’s so tempting!

I would have given in today but for a colleague who, to spare any potential blushes, I shall call Marie. She told me she’d read my first blog and thought it was brave of me to go public about it. She then told me that not too long ago she’d weighed more than me and she’d lost it. Well, that gave me a real lift just when I needed one. She also told me about a phone app she used to keep track of her food and exercise which also totalled her calories. So I started using that today. And I apparently expended more calories than I consumed, which is exactly how to lose weight. The visual representation of that at the end of the day is such a mental boost! I actually felt like I’d achieved something despite the fact I won’t be able to see that on the scales.

So I’m going to stick with that and see how it goes, and now I’m going to up my exercise levels as well. I’ll let you know how that goes soon! And now, before I go, here’s a public update on my weight-loss to keep me from slipping backwards. I’ll keep updating the little chart below and will leave with the following comment. Even the longest journey begins with a single step. Onwards, ever onwards.

Starting Weight (lbs) Current Weight (lbs) Bodyweight loss since last check in (lbs) Bodyweight loss since last check in % Bodyweight loss in total (lbs) Bodyweight loss in total (%)
302 296 6 1.98 6 1.98


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