Why I’m Changing My Ways And Weight

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I’ve been overweight for years now. It’s never bothered me too much. I get the odd comment from drunk fools, and I have to listen to doctors lecturing me about obesity, and sometimes it’s difficult to find clothes in my size in the average high street shop. But other than that, I’ve always been reasonably comfortable in my skin.

On Thursday, I went for an annual check up with the nurse at my practise. Height, weight, pee on a stick, that sort of thing. It was a new nurse and their computers weren’t working so I had to go through a medical history. My weight – 137 kg – makes me ‘massively obese’ which didn’t surprise me too much. I got the usual lecture about healthy eating and exercise. I’d been expecting it and wasn’t too worried because my blood pressure has always been good.

My blood pressure that Thursday morning was 150/104. That scared me.  It’s really high and never has been in the past. That on top of going through the list of family members with strokes, heart attacks, and angina before the age of 60 shocked me.

So now I’m on a diet. And not just saying that. I’ve emptied my cupboards of the usual rubbish there and gone out to buy fresh fruit and veg and some lean meat. I’m told I’m not allowed to exercise other than walking for now, but I’m making sure I go for a walk every evening. And not just a stroll, but a fast walk that makes me a little breathless.

So, I’ll be blogging my progress on here as a way to keep myself motivated and telling everyone I know that I’m dieting too so that they can keep reminding me not to buy rubbish for lunch. Hopefully when I report back to you all in a week or so, it’ll be good news.

In the mean time, if you see me eating a bacon sandwich, do take it off me and make sarcastic comments.


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