A judgement call: Holiday Reblog

Well, Dear Reader, my holiday is nearing it’s end. I hope when I come back I’ll have something exciting to write about from my travels. As it’s Friday I decided to indulge with a post I wrote in the dying days of the last general election which I stand by. The electorate ballsed up big time, and I want to remind everyone of that. Happy weekend and see you all very soon.

A judgement call   A judgement call is coming. The voters of the UK choose who they want governing them some time in the next few months. For some that will mean tribal loyalty, for some which person they want representing their constituency and not which party they want in power, for still others a close consideration of the policies of the different parties.  But every election is slightly more presidential than the previous one, and for lots the choice wi … Read More

via Rob Carr – A Novocastrian Abroad

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