Lib Dem Leader’s Wife Caught Fiddling With Box

Letterbox, that is. Though it could be said to affect the ballot box too, at the end of the day.

There are in every election, those which end with a very tight result. Those where someone loses by just a handful of votes. After elections like that, you replay your strategy in your head and in debrief meetings afterwards. Could you have done another leaflet? Would more direct mail have been the key? Perhaps a few more doors knocked on.

All those things cross your mind. And most of the time, you’ll never know what it was that made the difference. But in Wolverhampton, Labour candidate Gurcharan Bedi may well have just gotten a clue about why he lost to Liberal Democrat Mike Heap by a margin of 41 votes.

That’s because a video has come to light of Mr Heap’s wife, Frances, removing one of Bedi’s leaflets from a letterbox and replacing it with one of her husbands. Now, it may not have made any impact. That house may have already decided how they were going to cast their vote. That may have been the one and only time she did it. But, with only 41 votes in it, Gurcharan is sure to wonder.

And the voters will remember when it comes to casting their votes next time around. As they watch West Midlands Police investigate Frances Heap for theft, they’ll also wonder if she helped steal an election.


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