Vote 2011

My beloved Newcastle is back under Labour control. A lot of friends and colleagues are now newly elected councillors around the country. The country has punished the Liberal Democrats quite thoroughly for making a deal with the devil the Conservative party for a little taste of power.

Camden Town’s very own Beau Bo d’Or has summed it up beautifully with the image you can see here.

Let the post-mortem begin

The next thing to keep an eye on is how well the Tories feel they’ve done. If they’re confident of the local result, there’s a chance they’ll want to call a snap general election and go to the country. The clue to whether they want to do that will be in the House of Lords. The bill to fix parliaments at 5 years is due to go before the peers very soon. If George Osborne wants to go to the polls, you’ll see the Tory Lords voting that particular piece of legislation down. One to watch…

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