My April Fool Round Up

An April fool in Denmark, regarding Copenhagen...
A Copenhagen-based April Fool

Well it’s that time of year again. April Fool’s is upon us and lots of newspapers, tv and radio stations and now blogs try to make us laugh with faked up stories about one thing or another. I thought I’d do a bit of a round up of a few of the best from 2011.

As this is generally a Labour-supporting blog, I thought I should start with the Daily Telegraph’s story about a leaked memo from Labour HQ.

Next comes a rather well-crafted article in the Guardian which could work right until it gets to Prince Andrew.

It’s not just the media who get in on the April Fool act, as Land Rover demonstrate with this fine piece of work.

One of my favourite cities, Sheffield, gets a mention with this piece of comedy gold.

It’s very easy to make Boris the butt of a joke, but there’s always the possibility with him that something like this story could be for real.

Our overlords at Google get in on the act with this genius piece of work.

The other American overlords at Apple launch a new store with this one.

And last but by no means least my absolute favourite so far from right here in the UK.







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