The Art Of Political Communication

Jeremy Paxman, British journalist and broadcas...
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What’s that  you say, Dear Reader? You’re tired of hiring about the budget? Well, I’ll give you a breather and come back to that later on. What do you mean you’re sick of the way people explain politics to you?

I find it difficult to believe you don’t enjoy Jeremy Paxman patronising everyone in sight on Newsnight. You don’t even like the way MPs debate in the House of Commons? You’re not a massive fan of Question Time?! I’m shocked! Shocked I say!

Well, as you struggle with dry boring debates and even drier policy documents, try this rather novel explanation of the failings of Tory health policy. I’m almost certain Paxman couldn’t cope with it and Dimbleby won’t invite the man doing the explaining to appear on Question Time. Shame really. He’s miles better than Melanie Philips or her ilk.

Be warned though, Dear Reader, that the language is a little riper than that used on Newsnight. Unless, of course, Jeremy gets on about Marks and Spencer’s y-fronts again.

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