Fresh Starts

February, it seems, is a month for relaunches and new beginnings. Last week,  David Cameron relaunched the Big Society to a mixture of ambivalence, groans and derision.

On top of that, the Conservatives were forces to relaunch their forestry policies after the British public let it be known that this land is our land and we’re not that keen on the Tories flogging it all.

Speaking of public movements, North Africa and the Middle East appears to be relaunching democracy after the collapse of the ruling regimes in Tunisia and Egypt. As I write this, Bahrain is witnessing protests and Libya is teetering on the brink of getting rid of the maddest of all despots, Muammar Gaddafi.

In light of all these relaunches, and not being one to buck a trend, I’ve decided to relaunch this blog. Over the last couple of months, my blogging has dropped off to almost nonexistent levels. This has been because of a variety of reasons including no internet access, bust laptop, being busy with other stuff, and a slight case of not being motivated to produce anything worth reading.

However, Dear Reader, all that is about to change. I’m back and I’m going to be writing and posting regularly. It’ll probably be more of the usual blethering about politics, but you all seem to enjoy that so on I go.

Anyway, I don’t have a big event planned to relaunch my blog, just this post. No fireworks, no free booze, just words. Probably used badly.

So, welcome to my blog. Enjoy.

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