The Prize

Orwell at work

I’m sitting in a pub in Greenwich looking a bit ostentatious with my laptop. I’m not posing, it’s just that I still haven’t gotten my flat connected to the internet. I apologise for the lack of posts but the bloody cable company is being ultra-slow.

However, I’m enjoying sitting here with my pint and watching the world go by. Listening to the different people passing through my little corner of the world and hopefully learning a little from them along the way. I think George Orwell would approve of this.

I mention him purely because I’m considering entering some blog posts for the Orwell Prize, the competition for political bloggers designed to promote his ideal to ‘make political writing into an art’. I’d be doing partly for my ego, and partly as an incentive to up my game and improve the output of my blog in both quality and quantity.

I need to have a good look through the archive of posts from this last year and pick my best 10 to enter. But I’d also be interested to know if you, Dear Reader, have any opinion about which posts I should put up for the prize. I don’t expect to get long-listed, never mind short-listed or winning, but I think the process is good for me and this blog.

So, if you do have any favourite posts please do let me know in the next few days via the form below or just in the comments so I can work out my best entries.

In the mean time, I’m going to have another pint and work out who to shout at when I talk to my – purely potential – cable provider.

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