Back To The Grind

Well, I’ve had a lovely relaxing time catching up with friends and family back in Newcastle. Not a great deal has changed here but little things have. Just enough to creep inside my observation. Just enough to make me feel like an outsider visiting and not someone who lives and breathes the streets of the city.

It’s been an odd feeling. Little things. Familiar faces who’ve moved on. Shop units that’ve changed hands. Buildings that have been renovated. Not huge changes by any measure, but just enough to be disconcerting to my soul.

And now, after a brief sojourn, I’m on the long trek to London (weather permitting). That means back to having very little internet for the next couple of weeks. I was meant to have cable fitted in my lovely shiny new flat before Christmas but snow stopped play. Apparently, Virgin won’t let their cable guys climb steel ladders to the second floor and use electrical equipment in snow and ice. Selfish corporate bastards!

Anyway, I’ll be rescheduling that and then blogging regularly as soon as it’s up and running. Until then, I’ll pop on sporadically as and when I can.

Have a very happy new year and keep looking in on me.

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