A price worth paying?

Just what is David Cameron willing to do to hang on to his new best friend?

I’ve got friends I’ll buy a pint for, I’ve got good friends I’d give £20 if they needed it, and I’ve got best friends I’d maybe lend £500 to.

And I think that’s probably the same for most people. We all have friends with differing strengths of bonds who we would do different things for.

Does our Prime Minister share these standards with the rest of us? Is this one of qualities that makes him Common Dave?

Well no, it’s clearly not.

He made friends with someone he hardly knew over a few days in May this year, and a few months on he’s happily given his new pal £1.4 billion. That’s right. 1.4 billion British pounds right at a time when we are supposedly making the biggest cuts in decades.

Now I’m not saying Dave stuffed £1.4bn worth of tenners into bags and dropped round Nick Clegg’s house with it. That’d be silly. And take an enormous number of bags. And probably a bigger house than Clegg’s Putney pad.

No, what Dave did was to delay replacement of the country’s nuclear deterrent, Trident. You see, Nick doesn’t like Trident. And if Dave wants Nick to be his friend, then Dave had best not play with it. Cameron mustn’t buy a new eagle eye action man Trident. That’s one of the few deals holding the coalition together. Clegg, who backed down over a number of Lib Dem policies including tuition fees, stuck to his non-nuclear guns when Trident was delayed until 2016, conveniently the year after the next general election.

As well as this delay, the Vanguard-class submarines will also be kept in service for a further four years. Liam Fox told the Commons this week that the total cost of these delays will be £1.4 billion.

Cameron may say in press briefings that he is trying to save money, but the truth is he’ll spend it when it comes to his new best friend, Nick. Amazing what someone will do for a friend.

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