Striking the right tone

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Blogging will be light from me in the next 48 hours as I need to prepare for a job interview tomorrow afternoon. In the mean time, here’s a quick fix to keep you going.

The right of employees to strike is an important one and should be defended against the Coalition’s attacks on it. Employees do need to be able to voice their feelings about working conditions and other issues, and sometimes, when nothing else works, striking is the only way to make anyone listen.

The right of employees to strike is, therefore, vital, and I will defend that right to the best of my abilities. However, the Fire Brigades Union deciding to strike in London on the 5th of November is dangerous, irresponsible and not a move designed to win public or political support.

I hope the FBU have announced this as a tactic to reopen negotiations with the LFB, and that they will not strike on bonfire night, but time will tell.

If you want to understand a bit more about the reasoning behind the dispute, then I recommend reading this post over at Liberal Conspiracy to give you a bit of a better picture than the media seem to be providing right now.

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