Hancock’s dodgy dossier

Yesterday was an interesting day politically. In the UK at least. I mean, I’m not saying politics around the world was enthralling on one particular day or anything.

No, the thing I found interesting was the Tory campaign manoeuvre. The release of a dossier titled “What would you cut, Mr Miliband? The question for Labour’s new leader.”

Dossiers used to be a regular feature of British politics, but I don’t think Team Cameron are generally too keen on them. That dislike of them is probably tied into the way Alistair Darling screwed them with his 148-page dossier during the election.  Darling forced Cameron to change his tax policy in mid-election. So the Tories have been a touch averse to dossiers. Until now.

I guess they feel that now they’re in Government, a dossier couldn’t hurt them. So out goes the call to Matt Hancock, MP for West Suffolk and former Bank of England economist. ‘Let’s get Miliband on the back foot from the off. Let’s challenge him straight away. Take the fight to them’, says someone in the inner circle. Or at least they do in the imaginary version in my head.

The next leader of the Labour Party and his brother

So economist Hancock challenges the next leader of the Labour party to explain how and where they would carry out cuts to halve the deficit over four years as Darling originally planned. Brilliant. A qualified economist writing about economic policy. That won’t backfire.

Hancock sold his dossier justifying that a regime of cuts and fiscal tightening will not slow growth, but will actually accelerate it, in the pages of the Times(£). He goes on to justify the case for Coalition cuts based on some very selective research and strange evidence.

 On the same day, in the Financial Times, we learn that the only other country in the world to follow the same policy as our government has returned once again into recession. Whoops…..


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