The pipeline, London, and my ego

Once again, I feel I must apologise.

There’s been a distinct lag of output from this blog of late. Partly, it’s because I’ve been busy job-hunting and getting to know my new home in London. Partly, it’s been because I’ve just had a bit of a lack of focus, as I mentioned earlier here.

I’ve a few drafts in the pipeline and I’ll try to finish them and post a few over the coming week. I find writing very cathartic so not having any output going out is not making me feel great.

The resultant drop in the number of people reading my blog is doing nothing for my ego, but then that’s probably not a bad thing. It could probably do with a minor reduction. My ego that is, not my blog readership. That should increase hourly.

If only I could finish something for you all to read!


  1. Exactly right, Chris. No shortage of drafts. Getting anything past 3 lines is a pain right now. I’m sure I’ll get some content out this week. London is treating me very well and the job hunt is progressing. Thanks for the good wishes.

    • I suspect then that being named 35th most read Labour Blog is doing nothing to lighten your mood.

      Well I for one feel congrats are in order for that, oh, and good luck with the jobhunting!

  2. Wow, you’re really building up these drafts!

    Without wishing to add pressure, I’m very much looking forward to your musings, once you feel they are ready for the public to read.

    I hope you’re settling OK in London and find a job soon.



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