How to campaign for office

David Miliband, Ed Miliband
Image by pennycsa via Flickr

It’s been an interesting summer watching the leadership election unroll before my eyes.

I’ve watched David Miliband try to create a movement, I’ve seen Ed Miliband win over the Unions, I’ve seen Ed Balls go on the rampage against the Tories, I’ve heard Andy Burnham tell me how he’s “down to earth” and a Northerner, and I’ve watched Diane Abbot, well, er, disappear really.

With the exception of Abbot, they’ve all done some campaigning of some sort. But none of them have done anything as brilliant as Chris Young did in the interview below.

Check out his creative technique and try not to wet  yourself laughing. And while you’re watching, keep in mind that this man isn’t a comedian. He actually wants to be the MAYOR of a city.

I mean, it’s not like that could ever happen in London….

Chris Young’s lesson in campaigning

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