Waving not drowning

Well, as a few of you have noticed already, I’m back in the UK. I had an amazing time exploring Paris.

I climbed the Eiffel Tower. Well, I rode the lift up the Eiffel Tower anyway. I wandered the Latin Quarter and St Michel. I ate fine food and drank even finer wine in Mouffetarde. I drank coffee in St Germaine. I looked in awe at the Rose windows of Notre Dame. I explored the lanes and galleries of Monmartre. I laughed at some Americans at the Arc de triomphe. And I picnicked with Parisians on le Pont des Arts, scoffing camembert and baguette while the sun sank over the Seine. I had an amazing time.

That’s not to say my holiday is over though. I’m now down on the south coast where it’s been mostly warm but wet. I’ve eaten, drank and explored here too. But mostly I’ve just chilled out in the day and stargazed at night. Anyway, I’m still enjoying my break but wanted to post just to wave at you all and let you know I’m still alive and well. I’m busy reading up on the silly season news that I’ve not cared a jot about while I wandered France’s capital. So I’m sure I’ll be posting a blog or two soon. On that note, I shall finish this little wave hello and carry on with my relaxing break.

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