Press knives out for Clegg

Yesterday, I posted a skit Daily Mail story about the inevitable personal attacks on Nick Clegg. And, lo, as it was foretold so it came to pass. In an ‘if you build it, they will come’ moment, the right-wing press have gone to town on Clegg today.

Firstly, the Telegraph had a front-page splash of

Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem donors and payments into his private accounts

which is quite a headline and looks like a scandal in the making. Apparently donations to the Lib Dems have been paid through Clegg’s personal accounts. These payments appear to have been declared and entirely proper as far as donation regulations go, but I’ve no idea why the monies passed through Clegg’s bank.

After publishing this accusation and innuendo as their above-the-fold headline, the Telegraph‘s deputy editor, Benedict Brogan, went on to say

And we have gone back to Mr Clegg’s un-redacted expenses file where we discovered the records of donor payments to his bank account we report today. So far he has been unable to produce an adequate explanation for them, or the paperwork to back up his justification. The likelihood must be that it is evidence of disorganisation, nothing more, but don’t know that yet.

The Express went with ‘Nick Clegg’s Crazy Immigration Policy’. Probably the only of the Clegg stories to go with an actual Lib Dem policy and not something Clegg did/thought/said/looked at funny.

The Sun managed to go one better than that with a weird combination of Donors/Afghanistan/Europe/Political Expenses to paint Clegg as one of the most evil men in Britain establishment.

But the Daily Mail topped the lot. Clearly oblivious to Godwin’s law, they went with a headline which had Clegg and Nazi in the same sentence. A third-rate piece of journalism from the paper most famous for thinking Hitler and Fascism were a good thing.

Truly, with this election, we’ve gone through the looking-glass.

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