Cameron’s current contradiction

Volcano eruption, Iceland

The air authorities still won’t allow aircraft into the skies. It’s been a while now. Britain now has stranded people all over the world who can’t get back. Businesses are beginning to complain that they are suffering. Waitrose are running dangerously low on fresh dragon fruit.


The press would normally have despatched journalists to the far-flung resorts to stand in front of unhappy tourists and make their pronouncements on why a volcano eruption is Gordon Brown’s fault. But obviously they can’t get a flight. Sweetly refreshing and ironic all at the same time.

The government today announced that they would be using Royal Navy vessels to attempt to repatriate some stranded citizens. A sensible starting point you might say. I agree. I’m sure ministers are also talking to air authorities and ferry companies and a number of other organisations. All to hasten these Britons’ return. It didn’t take David Cameron much more than ten minutes to pronounce that Gordon Brown’s sending these ships pleased him, and that the Tories had obviously thought of this first. Just an example of Labour nicking Tory ideas. The cads.

What Dave seems to have ignored is that Royal Navy ships are, well, they’re

part of the Royal Navy. This is not Big Society volunteers taking their yachts.

HMS Ark Royal - Big Government in action

No Dunkirk-style fleet of little ships going to the rescue. No. This is the Prime Minister ordering the ministry of defence to send in the fleet. That’s state intervention in a very big way! So where does that fit with Dave’s plans? Big Society versus Big Government. Government doesn’t get much bigger than 16 of the 4.5 inch Mk8 guns on the Audacious-class HMS Ark Royal.

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  1. No. I didn’t miss that. One eccentric on a boat does not really help the thousands of people who are stuck. On top of that, I bloody hate the cliché of the Dunkirk spirit. Dunkirk was a time when people were living in absolute fear of fascism, and men were dying on beaches. The spirit of Dunkirk was one of terror, horror, and desperation. This is not Dunkirk, nor its spirit.

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