The art of subliminal messages

If it’s good enough for Tom Harris, the Member of Parliament for Labour parliamentary candidate in Glasgow South, it’s good enough for me. I think that’s a reasonable rule of thumb for myself as a relatively new blogger. Tom has decided he’s going to post the Labour PEBs and I think that’s a good idea. Iain Dale is going to do all main parties as

a gesture towards public service blogging

which is lovely. My blog isn’t a public service blog. It’s a Labour-supporting blog. I’ll be making no pretence at showing swing-voters the various parties. I come from a family – and city – of miners and shipbuilders. I hate the Conservative party. I’m sure some individuals are nice, and possibly even well-intentioned. But as an entity, the Tory party is horrendous. As for the Lib-dems, they’re an irritant. Nothing more. Unprincipled opportunists who will tell voters whatever they want to hear. So I won’t be posting either party’s PEBs. Just Labour’s. Because you should all be voting Labour. Vote Labour! I think that’s the subliminal message of this post.

Also, this PEB stars Sean Pertwee and is voiced-over by David Tennant so has a tenuous Dr Who link, which I like. Enjoy and let me know what you think of it.

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