The mask slips – Cameron and gay rights

At seven last night I’d not long been home from the gym. I had some vegan food in the oven (I’m having a proper old school lent this year) and was looking forward to listening to Newcastle United’s match commentary on the radio. I had time to kill so popped on the News on Channel 4. I’m so glad I did or I’d be writing a blog about the mushroom croustade I made last night (delicious by the way, as you asked). Instead I’m able to write about the catastrophe that was David Cameron. Which practically writes itself, let me tell you.

Channel 4 news showed an interview by the Gay Times magazine in which Cameron looked, frankly, completely bloody clueless. Since becoming leader of the Conservative party, Cameron has tried to change the image of the Tories. He made a formal apology for his party’s support of Section 28, and he voted in favour of civil ceremonies. These were steps forward for team Cameron, a good start if you like, C for effort D for achievement. But last night the mask slipped.

He knew, I’m sure, that this was an interview for Gay Times. So surely, he would have prepped for the likely questions. Gay rights, section 28, civil ceremonies, the Lithuanian issue. Surely?…..Prepped? No? If I was going to an interview, for a job let’s say, I’d do a little research, learn some facts and figures and make sure I could string a cogent sentence together. Nothing too fancy, but enough to hopefully impress a bit, and maybe get the job. Not so David Cameron.  

He umms, he aahs, he contradicts himself, he gets in a right fluster. It’s a bit embarrassing. But then he compounds the whole thing by making two huge errors. He says

“either can we do a television interview or a press interview”.

which is a stupid thing to do because you look silly and it gives the interviewer the opportunity to make you look even sillier which this one, Martin Popplewell, did by pointing out that the questions would be the same either way. Cameron is essentially asking that the cameras be turned off because he doesn’t want it recorded! The second error, and the more serious one for me, is that he asked if they could stop and

“start from scratch”.

I mean how does that work? Going back to my brilliant job, if I bungled an answer and then asked if I could start the whole interview over, do you think I’d get the job? Course I wouldn’t.

And if Prime Minister Cameron is dealing with a crisis like 7/7 or crashing banks or any of the other hundred things that could cross his desk, would he be able to stop and start from scratch? Course he wouldn’t!

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