Lords treated like Cattle!

Ermine-trude the hereditary cow


 Ok, so many people thought I’d lost the plot yesterday when I mentioned here that there was a fibreglass cow in the Black Rod’s Garden which is wearing the cloak of a member of the House of Lords. I admit that I was starting to doubt my memory myself. Those mushrooms I picked in St James’ Park did taste a bit funny after all. However, the marvellous Andrew Gwynne, MP for Denton and Reddish, came up with the suggestion that it might have been from the Cow Parade art installation. Then the lovely people in the House of Lords Information office emailed me the following details:   

The statue of a cow in Black Rod’s Garden was originally part of the Royal Jubilee celebrations in 2002 which involved a Cow Parade Herd. The Cows were placed all around London.  Anyone could commission a cow to be made for their organisation. Lord Moynihan did so and the resulting cow stood on College Green opposite the House of Lords for 6 weeks. It was then moved to Black Rod’s garden within the palace where it remains to this day. The cow is called Ermine-trude.   

So it was all Colin (now Lord) Moynihan’s doing. Turns out Tory peers have a sense of fun after all!

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