Conservative quick change: Polls, u-turns, and the Economy

The Conservative party, David Cameron, and George Osborne are a goldmine of topics to blog about. Last night, Ellie Gellard told a joke about her laptop being Tory. When I asked why, she told me it was because it buckled under pressure.  Turns out that the lovely and now mildly-famous Bevanite Ellie has hit the nail on the head with that one. The nearer we get to a general election, the faster it all unravels for Team Cameron. They’re coming apart like a pair of Primark pants.
On Saturday, the latest Ipsos/Mori poll showed Labour had closed the gap on the Tories from 17 points to 8. Not great for the Conservatives, but hardly quaking in their boots considering how variable the Mori polls have been over the last few months. Could be put down to a rogue poll even. But then, a YouGov/Telegraph poll came out with the gap at 7 points. And now it could be panic stations at CCHQ. Some might start thinking about how they can change their narrative to win back their lead.
But surely, not Dave and George. They’ve been very definite about what they know is best for broken Britain. No need for wiggle room with these two Tory titans. Dave said on only Friday that the Tories would go ahead with cuts this summer, even if Britain had negative growth in the first quarter of 2010. George even gave his special announcement of cuts from day one on January the 15th on top of the previously heralded emergency budget within 50 days, so there’ll be no panicking in Team Cameron. A relief for the nation I’m sure. So we political geeks and nerds activists and observers got up to watch the traditional sunday morning political slots knowing exactly what to expect. Cameron stated that there would be cuts across the board to immediately lower the country’s deficit there would be no “swingeing” (I mean, really, who the hell says swingeing?) cuts in the first year. And the activists and observers laughed out loud and spilt cornflakes and bacon/tofu all over (well this one did).  


It turns out that, for the Tories,  being not for turning is strictly for the Ladies.

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