What A Kerfuffle

So yesterday’s Coup d’idiotes was over in a few hours, Hoon and Hewitt were hung out to dry, the two cabinet ministers who were really pulling the strings – as I predicted in my last post – both bottled it, the grassroots were pretty united, and the Prime Minister has officially pronounced it all a storm in a teacup. The end.
Apart from speculation over the two cabinet members who lost their courage, (and who now have the wrath of Gordon Brown to look forward to) this was nothing but a stupid distraction from the real dividing lines. That’s to say it should all be about Labour versus Tory, and who do we really want in government. Do we want Labour running our public services or Tories running them into the ground?
David Cameron and his shadow cabinet crumble under pressure, as we had seen in the opening salvoes earlier this week as well as in the PMQs. We need to turn our guns on them and not on each other. As Stephen Pound said, a circular firing squad is never a good idea. Line up and shoot at the Tories.

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