Hard Work And Headaches (And Alliteration Apparently)

Phew. The holidays are done. Christmas day was a nice day of familyness* , food, and friendly festivities (….and alliteration apparently). New Years’ Eve was the traditional night of good cheer with friends in a local pub. New Years’ Day has been quiet, relaxing and full of snow here in the north east. Rather a lot of snow. The days in between were a mixture of relaxing, fun, and mundane. I have to admit to having enjoyed a bit of downtime, but also need to confess to being rather bored on more than one occasion.

As an avid reader of other peoples’ blogs, I know I should probably be writing here about either my New Year resolutions or my predictions for 2010. I will say I’ve made a few resolutions which I’ve shared with the only person I wanted to share them with, and they met with a positive response. So that’s a good start. I won’t be listing them here, but I will say there’s only 5 of them and they’re not too complex really, and probably not very original but they’re each important to me.

As for predictions, I could give hugely detailed statements on what I think is going to occur week by week, but I (and anyone with a passing interest in British politics) knows perfectly well that 1 – a week is a long time, in politics or anywhere else; and 2 – any plans, predictions, or proposals (…and more alliteration apparently) that I make will be steered off course by ‘events, dear boy, events’. I mean if you can, go read the “expert” predictions from this time last year and see how many of them were talking about hung parliaments, MP expenses, and PM for bloody PM. Any predictions I make will be utterly worthless. What I can do is decide what I think I want to happen in 2010 and work towards it. Gambles, guesses, or going out on a limb (….and alliteration I promise!) has to be replaced with a bit thought, a lot of belief, and hard work.

So I’ve thought about what I’d like to see happen in 2010 and am making plans and setting goals to make them happen. The personal ones I’ll leave for now except to say I’d like to be physically and spiritually a better person and I’m hoping to make a relationship work with a special person in my life. She’s aware of it. I’m not stalking someone or something.

What else do I want? I want a health service I can rely on, an economy that grows again, SureStart for friends and family that use it, a sensible voice in Europe, a welfare system for people that need it, and a country that is growing stronger and more successful . Now, when I apply some thought and logic to what I want, I see that the way to get these things is to stop a Cameron government. Reading into the few sparse policy statements the Tories have made, and how they opposed a lot of Labour policy which experts tell me were the right policies, it’s frighteningly obvious that I need to do my best to get a Labour government back in power whenever the general election is called.

After the thought, comes the belief. At the minute, the press are talking about a hung parliament. And even the Tories obviously believe it could be a likelihood with their overtures to the Libdems.
Now, a while back, everyone and their dog thought there would be a Conservative majority of 100+. So there’s a trend back to a Labour government. The more Cameron’s cabinet speak, the less suitable for governing they look. With that in mind, it becomes easy to believe that Labour can win.

So now all that’s left for me is the hard work, headaches, and historical 4th terms! (….and, admittedly, a last bit of alliteration. Sorry.)

*Ok I may have invented this word for effect, but you have to admit you knew exactly what I was talking about!!

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