2009 – The year that I forgot

Well, where to start? I’ve had this blog for almost exactly three years. I started with the best of intentions, scribing diligently about my thoughts on labour and left of centre policy, and on campaigning for my local Constituency and District Labour Parties here in the ever so slightly sub-tropical Newcastle. I was merrily rolling along as one of the few active activists in my spare time and working for Northumbria University to pay the bills. Life was, if not great, then at least pleasant. I had good friends, nice job, fun hobbies and interests, a wonderful girlfriend and a close family. More than a lot of people. I was ambitious. I had plans and goals. I was going to take on the world some day.
Then my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. My life ground to a pretty horrendous, whiplash-inducing, halt. I chose to spend more time with my family, to put career plans on hold and enjoy what time my dad had. No time for campaigning, not a great deal of time for friends, drifted away from church, lost my passion for most things. I watched my dad battle with his illness for a long time, a time that seemed a lot lot longer because of the pain and suffering that even the treatment caused, never mind the disease. Dad passed away, peacefully, this February gone and I’ve spent months and months dealing with my grief. Dealing with it fairly poorly too, for that matter.
Anyway, I’m finally getting back on my feet again. These last few weeks, I took my head out of the sand after a long hiatus from the world and took a good look around. My goodness, how things have changed. A new president in the USA. New Parliamentary candidates in my district. New campaigning methods. All very exciting and all, but more shocking than most of you will probably realise as it’s crept up on you gradually. So, I’m starting to campaign again. I’m going out with friends more. I’ve got myself a twitter majiggy. I’m catching up with the world and getting excited about the prospect of a general election campaign, and the prospects of a Labour 4th term (still possible in my opinion, despite the naysayers). And I’m starting my blogging over again. I think that’s my main point really. 2009 has been my year of mourning and now I’m back. 2010 is going to be a good year for this Novocastrian.

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